Q. I am a current autopay member. How does this work for me?

A. You automatically receive the Diamond STREAM access. When the studio reopens you will continue to receive Diamond STREAM access for free for your loyalty.

Q. Will my existing class pack work to book classes for Get Some STREAM?

A. Yes.

Q. If I have a regular class pack AND a STREAM class pack will the STREAM classes be used first before used BEFORE my regular class pack?

A. Yes, the STREAM class packs have been programmed to be used first for Get Some STREAM bookings.

Q. Why is a separate account creation required for unlimited members to access a larger library of classes?

A. At this time, MindBody’s software doesn’t have the proper software controls to prevent sharing of account credentials (think Netflix). To secure the gyms service offering we are requiring this additional step and appreciate your time in creating the additional login. We recommend using the same UN & PW as you use for our app.

Get Some Fitness has acquired and maintains a global music license for all songs played in its digital offering in compliance with copyright laws and performance rights organizations in their effort to collect fees on behalf of artists and music publishers.