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Survey Results Downloaded: May 29, 2020 11:09:45 PM
1. Which STREAM Classes do you take? (You can select multiple)
I like the addition of 30 min optionsAnonymous
I’ve pretty much tried all classes and I feel
You have done great getting this up and running so quickly. All the classes have been a great workout.
Sometimes on my computer I still get bad connection or something and it spins? It has gotten better from the beginning when quarantine still happened. Just wish is was better.Anonymous
3. Would you like to see more 30 min classes?
I like to mix two 1/2 hour sessions for one hour. So, sometimes I’ll do 1/2 grind and with 1/2 bar or weight training.Anonymous
I think Smash and Taught are great if short on time. I feel it’s still a really good workout for 30 mins.Anonymous
Sure why not but I am use to the hour long classesAnonymous
Maybe 45Anonymous
I feel you have a good mixAnonymous
30 minute body wight workouts and barre and sculpt weights part.Anonymous
Good option if you dont have an hour to spare.Anonymous
4. What do you love/hate? What changes would you like to see?
Love it all. Thank you for keeping me motivated during this time.Anonymous
This is a great option and I really appreciate the effort you all put into this please consider keeping some form of virtual options moving forward!Anonymous
Love the 30 min optionsAnonymous
Love the the workouts and they are still good and push you, even off the bag. Hate we can’t be at the gym, in person:(Anonymous
I love that I can still workout everyday in my basement just as if I was going to the gym. Thank all of you so much for providing The Stream! It is awesome! Miss all of you so much too!Anonymous
I love the new organized home screen!Anonymous
I LOVE having this as an option!!!!
Thank you Jeff and the Get Some Family!!!

The only change I would suggest is to organize the classes by name however it looks like that was changed.
The new updates with categories and episode numbers are great! Thank you! These changes cover my complaints so far. Thanks for all of the hard work on this.Anonymous
Love everything!Anonymous
I love the Grind, Sculptfiction and Barre classes and don’t know how I would survive without them! I hope they will always be streamed in the future for when I travel etc. and cannot come in to the gym or make the class time.Anonymous
Very dark video
A little more light in the room
Would love to be able to see which videos I have already watched. When scrolling through they all look very similar so I am unsure if I have done that work out yet.Anonymous
Would like to see date (or sequence number, etc) added so I can better keep track of which classes I have taken.

Other than that LOVE the Stream – well done!!
I hate working out at home (Can’t do anything about that) and hate the price. Love that the gym is trying to stay connected during this time. Praying for the day the gym can open.Anonymous
I think you are doing great Jeff! Keep it up! But it’s nice not to have to wear earplugs! You’re keeping the herd rockin!Anonymous
Love Jon and his amazing workouts. No hate here ~‰Anonymous
need dates on the day you recorded.Anonymous
Enjoying it so far. Would love to see an Ice class with boxing and weights!Anonymous
Maybe have some men doing the classes as well. The women are badass but it would nice to change it up a bit.Anonymous
I feel it is great that you have been able to adapt so quickly. The ability to use the on demand service has been a life saver. When the world finally opens up it would be great to keep on demand as an option. I need to travel for work and when out of town it would be nice to know I could stream a workout.Anonymous
I love it all. Thanks camera man. You’re the best.Sabrina Badia – Your raise is on the way!!!
You all do a great job! I just like everyone look forward to us being able to be back ‘live’ at the Gym itself. Stay healthy and well!Anonymous
Instructors need to take a tip from barre instructors, and MODEL the moves they’re asking people to do themselves. Often instructions are confusing and unclear, when Ice showing a move himself would clear things up. Not all users are Get Some veterans and if I were, I’d find the instruction difficult.
Also, please remember we’re trying to do these workouts at home, with limited equipment and limited space. Sure, some of that stuff looks crazy cool on camera but is very difficult for a home user to duplicate, especially a newer one.
Otherwise, sooo looking forward to coming back 🙂
Everything is awesome!! Thank you so much for continuing your services online!!Anonymous
Love everything about this. Thank you for doing this !!Anonymous
If you’re the author and reading this please call 248-733-5655 and we will help you calibrate your setup for optimal viewing. That goes for the rest of you too!!!Love the toughness of the classes.
As stated above just wish the stream was better on my computer.
Like the flexibilityAnonymous
I love Jons class!Anonymous
I think we could do less body builders !Anonymous
I wish there were new ones more often! I love all of the classes!Anonymous
Love that I can take whichever class I want whenever it fits my schedule. I would really like to see Stream continue in some fashion even when the gym opens back up (film existing classes, nothing special). As much as I want to, I won’t be rushing back in when you open up.

Tell Jon I’m working on keeping my hands to my face!!!

Everyone is doing an amazing job and I truly appreciate it 

4 thoughts on “STREAM Survey Results

  1. I love ICE’s new 30 minute workouts but when he is using the interval timer, he needs to let us know when the time starts and when it is up. We can’t hear the timer and when I am in the middle of an exercise, I’m not always looking up at the screen to see when the interval has stopped. I would like to hear a START, and the STOP for each interval. That would be helpful! Keep up the great work!

  2. Never seen a gym (or any local business) be more dedicated and accommodating to its customers, especially during these unusual times. All of you are amazing and I am so happy to be a part of this!

  3. LOVED all the workout and options. So appreciate all the classes and your hard work during this time! I would love the existing classes to still be able to be accessed virtually. I work different hours and days each week and love that I have been able to access classes virtually thus far. If this can still be an option that would be wonderful, thanks again!

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