What classes do you recommend for new people who haven’t worked out in a while?

Our classes vary in intensity and can be modified for any fitness level. Regardless of the class, we recommend that you go at your own pace and slowly build up your endurance over time.

Lowest Intensity (Beginner): Bootcamp, Weights and Circuits, and Barre Intensity

Moderate: PureRyde, Band Camp, Butt Stuff, Sculptfiction, Guns Buns & Guts

Most Intense (Savage): The Push, The Grind. These classes are the most challenging to learn and are the most cardio intense. Be patient as it takes 4-5 classes to understand the choreography.

What is the cost to rent boxing gloves and spinning shoes?

FREE. Please see the front desk for assistance.

What type of footwear do you recommend?

Spinning: shoes with SPD Clips. These can be rented for free or can be purchased below retail.

Barre Intensity: non-slip socks (barre socks) or barefoot.

Boxing, Bootcamp, and Weights: High-top basketball shoes are recommended. Many of our female members wear “grade school boys” basketball shoes. For more guidance on sizing or the right shoe for you please see our front desk or ask one of our frequent members.

How do I stay on pace?

Keeping the pace or rhythm is key to keeping up during the boxing class. Take your time and find the rhythm of the music. It will take a lot of time, don’t get discouraged.

I’ve never boxed before, where should I go?

First-timers get the best view in the third or fourth row. They can see the veterans who are in the front row center and they can hear the trainer the best. It’s important to start with a softer bag, it will give the most feedback and will be nicer to your hands as you learn the class.

I don’t understand what the trainer is saying what do I do?

Keep going and watch the front row. Each trainer has their own style and takes time to master. Once you have done the class enough you will begin to understand what they are saying and the coordinating move. If all else fails, keep punching it out. If you still have trouble after a few classes, see the trainer for more assistance.

How much weight should I use?

All classes are unique and every fitness level is different. Best to begin with lower weights and choose multiple weights, and increase as needed. Please ask the trainer for weight assistance.

What is your waitlist and cancellation policy?

Classes must be canceled within 12 hours of the class start through our app.

For View Get Some policies here.