First-timers must arrive at least 15 minutes early. Want a free video emailed to you to get the hang of things before you come? Email and we’ll send you a stream (virtual) class ahead of time to practice.


Gloves: FREE to rent at the front desk. We also have them for sale below retail prices.

Wraps: For your safety, we require wearing wraps for the entirety of the boxing. Regular and Quick wraps are available for purchase at our front desk fo $7 and $15 or you can bring your own.

Shoes: Lighter weight high top basketball shoes are the preferred footwear by most of “The Herd”. They are the most comfortable while boxing to this type of workout.


Pick a Soft Bag: First-timers tend to feel most comfortable in the third or fourth row. Veterans will be in the front row center. These will be your go-to boxers to watch as you learn the workout. Once you’re comfortable, please box wherever you choose.

Hit to the Beat: We box to the beat of the music. For example, the instructor will say “Punch it out” and the class will punch “Right-Left-Right-Left…” to the beat of the song. It’s important to follow the rhythm so you can stay on pace. The more you do this, the better the workout and the faster you will get in shape.

Water: It’s important to stay hydrated throughout class. You can fill your own bottle up in the main gym or you can purchase a bottle.

Stance: Neutral stance for the class is just to the right of your own bag, unless specified by the instructor. Bounce on your toes, stand wider than shoulder-width apart. Rotate your shoulders while you pull your hands to your face and punch the bag.

**If you are doing a Sculpt; Butt Stuff; Bootcamp; or Guns, Butts, and Guts these classes will require some equipment. These classes are half boxing and half weights or circuits. Once the boxing is over the trainers will show you what you will need.

Listen to the trainer, they will cue you into your next move. It will take AT LEAST a week of classes with one trainer before you understand the class. Each trainer has their own style and takes time to master. DO NOT GIVE UP. Once you get it, it will only get better.


Pick a Bike: New spinners typically select a bike in the 3rd or 4th row. This will better acclimate you to the class and you will be able to watch the members who frequent the class. 

Footwear: FREE to rent in the RIDE Studio. If you prefer to wear your own shoes, a few bikes have straps that can accommodate regular shoes. Ask the instructor to show you to one of these bikes if it is your preference.

Clip-in: SPD clips are required to clip into the bikes. Ask your instructor for help clipping in before class as well as setting up your bike to fit your height/weight. If you’re new to spinning, this can be difficult to do for the first few times. Please ask if you need assistance, we are here to help.