To Our Get Some Fam,

In order to comply with the executive order from Governor Whitmer, we have enacted a 14 day closure for group classes.

All autopay members will have an automatic 14 day suspension applied to their accounts so that you are not charged during this period. We understand many of your jobs have also been effected by the situation and hope life gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

Tomorrow we will launch virtual live stream classes as a free service to continue serving your health and fitness goals.

This week between 5am-9pm members may stop by the gym to sign out dumbbells and bars to be used for virtual classes. With your feedback, we hope to continue this online service moving forward.

Please stay tuned to your email and the GSF social media channels for updates.

Finally, some of you have offered to pay regardless of closure in a selfless act of support. If you would like to support the gym in this way please email with the word “Support”. On behalf of the entire team, we appreciate this more than words can say.

In good health,